Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

But clearly, the sunshine is at fault here, oh and the sun cream manufacturer (for not giving enough protection.)

The fault does not lay with wearer of the non existent sunscreen, noooooo! He who vehemently denies  lying when asked at 11am today ‘have you put sun cream on?’ as chest was bared.

Post UVA exposure, I was informed: ‘the sun is hotter than you think’

Really? I think it is pretty darn hot, which is why it is the sun. And is why I put sun cream on: lots and often.

However, my other half feels he needs to ‘brown up up a bit’, and believes the way to achieve that is to crisp up like bacon on day one.

My little Cromer lobster is now feeling a little sorry for himself and I have aloe Vera’d him up to the hilt and given him much water to drink to prevent dehydration.  I am now really looking forward to sharing a bed with this ‘hot thing’, really hoping he doesn’t self combust and require the on call fire crew of the village to have to come out in the night to dampen him down.  Oh the shame.

According to him though, he will become tanned Adonis overnight, so i am remaining optimistic on that front…


2 thoughts on “Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

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